Redefining Strength programs DO NOT require an app to use. From any device you can login at and access any of your Redefining Strength materials

While you do not need an app to access all your materials on a mobile device Teachable does have an IOS app.

When you sign up and login to your Redefining Strength Course this Login WILL NOT work if you try logging in to the teachable IOS app. You need to sign up for a teachable account in order to do that. Below are the instructions on how to create an account to use the teachable ios app. Even though some steps might not seem irrelevant to you they are REQUIRED by teachable in order to use their app. This is completely free to do. I understand this is a lot of steps 


Step 1: Visit and click on "get started


Step 2: Fill in this information with the same information you used to sign up for your Redefining Strength material. Make sure to use the same email address and password.

Step 3: You will be asked to "Name Your School." It does not matter what you name it this is just a required step in order to have a teachable account.

Step 4: You will be asked a series of questions. These answers do not matter either but you must fill them out.

Step 5: Visit and login with your Redefining Strength login details. Under the profile icon in the top right click 'Edit Profile'

Step 6: Under linked Accounts Click 'Login'


Step 7: Enter your teachable login details and press Authorize

Step 8: Your Account will show as linked under linked accounts. You can now login using the teachable ios app